Liquid Fertilizer and Lime - $30 (Meridian)

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MOJO K20 - Liquid Lime + Potash Fertilizer Combo

Mojo K20 is a proprietary blend of Alkalizers and Bio Stimulants with Nitrogen & Potash designed for hayfields, pastures, row crops, foodplots and turf. Mojo is a high pH formulation (11-12 pH) that will begin alkalizing/raising the soils pH in 7-10 days. Mojo forms a TRUE liquid solution that will not settle out. Mojo sprays easily through any agricultural sprayer.

Available in 275 gal totes, 125 gal partial totes, 55 gallon drums, and 25 lb bags

- Comparable to 1 ton of dry ag lime
- Can Be Mixed With Herbicides (Grazon, 24D, Weedmaster)
- Can Be Mixed With Glyphosate Prior to Seeding/Sprigging
- Neutralizing Begins Immediately After Rainfall
- 100% Soluble, No Settling
- Increased Nutrient Availability For 12 Months
- Faster and More Efficient Than Ag Lime
- High Potash Formula, Which All Low pH Soils Lack

$13 per gal
Rate: 2.5 gal per acre
1 Tote covers 110 acres
275 gal, $3575
125 gal, $1775
55 gal, $770
25 lbs, $69

This is NOT a calcium chloride, AKA 'Liquid Calcium', product.
For growers needing calcium supplement/fertilizers we also carry Calcium Nitrate formulas. But there is
A LOT of misinformation circulating around the internet... Beware: Calcium Chloride and Calcium Nitrate products have a pH of 6-7 and DO NOT RAISE PH! Calcium Nitrate is a good fertilizer derivative and suitable for growers deficient in Calcium, but it does NOT raise pH. Calcium Chloride is a lesser quality fertilizer and can be harmful to the soil depending on current chloride levels. Mojo K20 is a TRUE Alkalizer and DOES NOT CONTAIN CALCIUM CHLORIDE OR NITRATE.

Our most popular and successful protocol uses MOJO K20 (a liquid lime + potash fertilizer combo) to start the season off, raise pH, improve soil health, improve nutrient availability, followed up with either Turbo 36-0-8 or Super 19 between cuttings or grazings. 36-0-8 is recommended in soils with moderate levels of Phosphorus and Potash. Super 19 is recommended in soils with greater deficiencies in Phosphorus and Potash.

Liquid Fertilizer Blends:

TURBO NKS, 36-0-8 + 3 Sulfur
SUPER 19, 19-19-19
Available in 275 gal totes, 125 gal partial totes, 55 gal drums, and 25 lb bags

- Stabilized Nitrogen, Non Volatile, w/ Urease Inhibitors
- Added Sulfur For Bermudagrass
- Soil Enzymes, Bio-Stimulants
- Fulvic and Humic Acids For Increased Nutrient Uptake
- Available Immediately Without Rain
- Foliar & Root Uptake
- Can Be Mixed With Herbicides (Grazon, Weedmaster, 24D, etc)
- Designed for Hay, Pasture and Cereal Grains

TURBO NKS, 36-0-8-3
$11 per gal
Rate: 2.5 - 5 gal per acre
1 Tote covers 55-110 acres
275 gal, $3025
125 gal, $1525
55 gal, $660
25 lbs, $51

SUPER 19, 19-19-19
$12 per gal
Rate: 2.5 - 5 gal per acre
1 Tote covers 55-110 acres
275 gal, $3300
125 gal, $1650
55 gal, $715
25 lbs, $61

Grasshopper will analyze soil reports to develop a plan specifically for your fields. In order to best design a fertility plan, please send soil sample reports to:
info (at) grasshopperfertilizer.com

If you do not have recent soil sample reports, we offer free soil testing. Allow at least 3 weeks for results. Please send soil samples with your info (name, address, field name(s), acreage, grass type) to:
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For more information:
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Grasshopper Fertilizer
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